Shopping Guide

Buying Fabric
All fabrics, unless over wise stated are 110cm wide and 100% cotton. Fabrics are sold in quarter metre (25cm) increments and the first quarter being a fat quarter. Each quantity of “1” is a quarter metre and fabric is will be cut in one continuous piece. 

if you’d like to purchase a long quarter (25x110cm) in instead of a fat quarter please leave a comment when checking out, or send an email to with your order number and let me know. Unfortunately once you order is processed this can’t be changed. 
Purchase Quantity Amount Cut
1 50x55cm (fat quarter)
2 50x110cm (half metre)
3 75x110cm (three quarters of a metre)
4 100x110cm (one metre)
5 125x110cm
6 150x110cm
7 175x110cm
8 200x110cm

And so on! If you’re use to working in inches, the fabric would be 44” wide and a metre is 39”. A yard is 91.44cm. 

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