Planet Pledge

As a small business I believe it’s important to minimise my impact on the world by incorporating green strategies and being honest about areas that need improvement. When you shop with Floss Candy you can be happy that you’re not contributing to unnecessary wasteful practices. Below is information about all areas of my business.


I stride to use eco friendly practices including low waste and recyclable or compostable materials where possible. Where this isn’t possible I’ve been transparent and hope to work on these things.


Products coming to me


As a small business I order items in bulk to reduce packaging and carbon emissions due to transport. As I grow as a business I will be able to order larger quantities of products therefore reducing my impact further. Products come to me in cardboard boxes with packaging material. The outer packaging is either reused or recycled. The inner packaging depends on the supplier - sometimes it’s recycled paper and other times it might be plastic bubble wrap. The inner packaging is important in order to stop damage in transport, creating further waste.


I try to purchase products with either no packaging, recyclable packaging or at least minimal where it’s not recyclable. If there’s an more eco friendly version of a product I will opt to supply that instead (I.e recycled bottle polyester toy stuffing instead of non-recycled).


My packaging


When I send products out to you, you can expect the following;


Outer packaging box - made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled again.

Paper Packaging Tape - Recyclable.

Royal Mail Postage Sticker - recyclable.

Unicorn logo stamped inside box - stamped with a reusable wooden handled stamp in black vegan ink.

Tissue Paper - recyclable, made using elemental chlorine free pulp which significantly reduces harmful bi-products, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), colour fast, fade resistant and ph-neutral/acid free.

Corn Starch Clear Seal Envelopes - Used where necessary to stop water damage, compostable and recyclable.

Baker's Twine - made from cotton, please reuse.

Thank-you Card - please recycle.

Free Gift - please enjoy :)

Please note I do not include a paper dispatch note/receipt.   


Products Coming To You


If I only have a few orders to post my local post office is a ten minute walk away or if I have more than I can carry I will drive to the next town over and carry out other errands at the same time.


I neutralise the carbon emissions of customer deliveries using Offset, which automatically donates a percentage towards planting trees through Pachama for every order I ship.


I encourage crafters to keep leftovers and scraps of fabric from their projects and plan to write tutorials on what to do with them.


Where I work


I currently work from my home, which is fairly small and easy to keep warm. I minimise my impact when working from home by keeping the thermostat on low (my boiler is also a combi, which means it only heats water on demand so there is little to no wastage), switching lights off in unused rooms and taking part in low waste practices where possible in my personal life.


In the future I plan to move to a workshop unit, and at this time I will research ways to make this unit have less impact on the environment