English Paper Piecing Starter Set - Perfect For Beginners!

English Paper Piecing Starter Set - Perfect For Beginners!

I’m so excited to announce my Deluxe English Paper Piecing Starter Set - which contains everything you need to start hand sewn quilting and patchwork. There are lots of EPP kits out there but I couldn’t find a starter set that included all of the haberdashery you needed to get started. I thought this might be confusing for beginners, who might not know exactly what they need. My starter set comes beautifully packaged making it a perfect crafty Christmas gift.
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What is English Paper Piecing?

English Paper Piecing or EPP is a patchwork technique created by folding fabric over paper shapes and sewing them together. By using this technique you can create patterns that you wouldn’t be able to do on a machine. It’s also sewn by hand, which means you can sit on the sofa, put a movie on and get sewing - great for cosy evenings in!

What’s Included In The Starter Set

The starter set includes haberdashery that is ideal for use in English Paper Piecing, these are;
-A 1 ⅜ inch acrylic hexagon template - this is the template you will use with your cotton fabric. It includes a seam allowance and is transparent so you can see the fabric through it.
-An extra fine washable marker - this is for drawing around your acrylic template.
- 100 x 1 inch paper hexagons - these are the paper pieces you will wrap your cut out fabric around
- Glue Marker - there are two different techniques for folding the fabric around your paper pieces, one is thread basting and the other is glue basting. This is the glue you need to stick the folded fabric onto the paper (refills sold separately)
-Small Scissors - for trimming the thread when sewing
- Tulip Hiroshima Piecing Needles - for sewing the hexagons together
- Recycled Polyester Thread - a random colour will be supplied, best matching to  fabric supplied
- Five Quilting Cotton Fat Eighths (9” X 22” approx.) 
-Organic Cotton Zip Pouch - A plain zip pouch you can applique your hexagons onto and keep all of your supplies in!
- Printed Instructions
-Cute Rainbow Paper Packaging!
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